The EU migration crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the insurgence of intolerance and racism brought together a partnership focusing on
increasing awareness against discrimination and promoting social inclusion. TFC uses food and local gastronomy to promote intercultural
dialogue, social inclusion and to fight against racism and discrimination. The aim is to build knowledge and share best practices between partner
municipalities, using food to reintegrate and promote sociality, especially after a period of forced social distancing. TFC also promotes sustainable
behaviours related to food. Target groups include inhabitants of partner municipalities, encouraging the participation of natives, TCNs and people
with different cultural backgrounds. Gender balance and non-discrimination will always be observed; total direct beneficiaries will count 1430
people, indirect beneficiaries will be 300000 people. Activities include workshops and study visits focusing on social food; intercultural dinners and
exchanges will be promoted in each partner municipality; online events will contribute to the promotion and dissemination of results. Each event
has been designed upon the specific characteristics of each municipality, their social environment and opportunities for the inclusion of all.
Expected outcomes are Improved knowledge on the use of food to foster social inclusion; Increased awareness on diversity as a benefit for
society; Increased understanding on environmental issues; Stronger and long-lasting connections between partner municipalities; Increased and
widespread social inclusion, integration and acceptance; Higher participation of local populations to municipal events; Lower numbers of racially
motivated crimes at the municipal/country level. The outputs produced will include periodical reports, a cookbook containing the recipes produced
during the activities, articles, blogposts, social media content and a handbook on best practices experimented by the partnership.