Gender and non-discrimination mainstreaming constitute core focuses of this project proposal, from its early design phase to the final monitoring and reporting ones. Partners and subcontractors agreed on a common inclusive policy, which sets inclusive standards to be respected when organizing and implementing activities. Gender balance will be ensured in terms of number of participants to each event and the concepts of gender equality and equal rights will be stressed throughout the whole project: the use of food to promote social inclusion and integration also encompasses the inclusion and equality of women and men, excluding and strongly avoiding the stereotypes that very often are applied inside households. The progress achieved during the implementation of activities will be registered and will lead to a fully inclusive and balanced environment for all people, regardless of their gender. The activities have been designed to be proactive for participants, in terms of active participation in all phases; they will also be the protagonists of intercultural nights and dinners, actively promoting their cultures and sharing experiences, within the process of building social inclusion and combatting discrimination.